Historical Re-Enactments Stimulate Linen Sells

by Rodney on June 4, 2009 31 Comments

Across the United States enthusiasts are re-enacting historical events of the past. In an effort to ensure authenticity, they are inherently stimulating the linen product trade.

With thousands of Civil War, Renaissance, and early settler festival presentations across the nation, the demand for authentic linen products is growing.

Many linen suppliers are boasting of 20 to 30 percent growth in linen sales this year alone. With events of this type becoming more popular, this trend is expected to continue in the years to come. This constitutes an impressive product growth in commercial environment where many other products sales have dwindled.

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Linen Décor Accented with the Scent of Linen

by Rodney on June 4, 2009 25 Comments

Mohegan, Conn - Not only is the dĂŠcor and color schemes enhance the ambience of the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort, the "Casino of the Earth," located in Uncasville Connecticut, but your experience will include the bouquet of linen, cedar, and a number of other calming aromas.

Mark Peltier, co-founder of AromsSys, the company that designed the Mohegan Sun Resort scent package, calls it their "Environmental Architectural Design."

Specialty Linen and the Ambience of Linen - Who Would Have Thought!

Visit the Mohegan Sun Resort Virtual Tour at http://mohegansun.com/property-map/index.html

Linen - The Wonder Fabric

by Rodney on June 1, 2009 55 Comments

Linen is cloth made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is rather labor intensive to manufacture, but is prized as a comfortable fabric that breathes and is very cool and fresh during hot weather.

Note that fabrics noted as "linens" may also be made of cotton, hemp or other non-flax fibers, more than often when woven to look and feel as is it has the linen-weave texture. Often products such as bedding, bath cloths, and kitchen cloth products fall into this category.

Although not technically "linen," these fabric products are also prized for their texture and coolness, therefore may also be found on LinenSpecialty.com.

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